Dan Harrington

United StatesSanta Monica, CA, United States
GPID: CQC 022 ?
Dan Harrington

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$6,000,000 milestone

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Rankings & Key Statistics

United States All Time Money List 51st
California, USA All Time Money List 15th
All Time Money List Current Rank 73rd
All Time Money List Best Rank 73rd
Global Poker Index Ranking 23,813th
Popularity Ranking 119th
Best Live Cash $1,635,365
Total Live Earnings $6,618,963

'Action Dan' was the WSOP Championship winner in 1995. His nickname was largely seen as sarcastic, viewed by many as a very tight player, until hole card cameras blew his cover and revealed him to be a wily old pro. Perhaps an even more outstanding achievement than winning the main event was his final table finishes back to back in 2003 and 2004 in large fields.

Harrington has since cemented his place in poker history authoring a series of instructional poker books, widely recognised as setting the new standard for future authors. M, Q, continuation bets and probe bets were all terms discussed at length and readily adopted by the poker community. 2 WSOP bracelets and a WPT title puts Harrington in an elite group of players that have WSOP and WPT titles to their name.
(Simon Galloway Jan 2009)