Charlotte Johnson

United States Ohio, United States
GPID: FGS 236 ?

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Rankings & Key Statistics

United States All Time Money List 55,699th
All Time Money List Current Rank 110,306th
All Time Money List Best Rank 38,642nd
Popularity Ranking 38,520th
Best Live Cash $3,328
Total Live Earnings $6,424
Ascending order Date Country Place Prize
08-Jun-2008 United States WSOP  $ 1,250 No Limit Hold'em - Ladies World Championship Event
39th World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2008, Las Vegas
94th $ 1,191
26-Jul-2008 United States $ 667 + 60 No Limit Hold'em
2008 Continental Poker Championships, Verona
19th $ 357
08-Jun-2009 United States $ 288 No Limit Hold'em - Ladies Event
The Grand Poker Series, Las Vegas
12th $ 1,664