Dennis Wilson

United StatesPalm Springs, CA, United States
GPID: EXV 981 ?

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Rankings & Key Statistics

United States All Time Money List 58,322nd
California, USA All Time Money List 10,788th
All Time Money List Current Rank 113,663rd
All Time Money List Best Rank 2,684th
Popularity Ranking 84,290th
Best Live Cash $3,800
Total Live Earnings $4,855
Descending order Date Country Place Prize
16-Sep-2004 United States $ 267 + 30 No Limit Hold'em
2004 Four Queens Poker Classic, Las Vegas
12th $ 205
20-Mar-1995 United States $ 133 + 20 Limit Hold'em
1995 Winnin' o' the Green, Los Angeles
8th $ 323
18-Mar-1995 United States $ 100 + 30 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo
1995 Winnin' o' the Green, Los Angeles
3rd $ 1,900
Jul-1990 Isle of Man Pot Limit 7 Card Stud
European Poker Championships, Douglas