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Generated on 22-Apr-2014

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More than one 'melanie weisner' found in this ranking list:

Melanie Weisner  8th
Melanie Banfield  548th
Andrew Weisner  1375th

1st CAN Shawn Buchanan 9
2nd USA Annand Ramdin 8
2nd USA Tommy Vedes 8
4th USA Erik Seidel 7
4th USA Jason Mercier 7
4th RUS Kirill Rabtsov 7
4th USA Benjamin Yu 7
8th CAN Mike Leah 6
8th USA Kassem Deeb 6
8th USA Melanie Weisner 6
8th USA Matt Waxman 6
8th ENG John Eames 6
8th ENG Chris Moorman 6
8th UKR Alexander Dovzhenko 6
8th FRA Antony Lellouche 6
8th USA Brian Powell 6
8th USA Taylor Paur 6
8th DEN Lars Bonding 6
8th USA Daniel Kelly 6
8th USA Phil Hellmuth Jr 6
8th USA Kenny Nguyen 6
8th USA Jason Koon 6
8th USA Michael Hallen 6
8th USA Paul Volpe 6
8th FRA Gabriel Nassif 6
8th USA Shawn Busse 6
8th USA Bryce Yockey 6
8th CAN Simon Charette 6
8th ITA Max Pescatori 6
8th USA David Baker 6
8th BEL Davidi Kitai 6
8th USA Chris Klodnicki 6
8th USA Roland Israelashivili 6
8th USA Daniel O'Brien 6
8th USA Shaun Deeb 6
36th USA Hans Winzeler 5
36th JPN Kunimaro Kojo 5
36th ENG Stephen Chidwick 5
36th USA Sean Getzwiller 5
36th USA Hoyt Corkins 5
36th ITA Marco Traniello 5
36th USA Matthew Stout 5
36th ENG Jon Spinks 5
36th FRA Roger Hairabedian 5
36th USA Bryn Kenney 5
36th FRA Bertrand Grospellier 5
36th USA Keven Stammen 5
36th USA David Peters 5
36th IRL Eoghan O'Dea 5
36th USA Todd Terry 5
36th CAN Mark Radoja 5
36th CAN Sorel Mizzi 5
36th USA Kyle Frey 5
36th USA Christopher De Maci 5
36th USA John Myung 5
36th USA David Sands 5
36th USA Ben Lamb 5
36th CZE Martin Staszko 5
36th RUS Aleksandr Mozhnyakov 5
36th USA Benjamin Tollerene 5
36th USA Wai Cheng 5
36th USA Eli Elezra 5
36th USA Nicholas Grippo 5
36th USA Paul Lieu 5
36th USA Ken Aldridge 5
36th USA Tyler Patterson 5
36th USA Matt Glantz 5
36th USA Owais Ahmed 5
36th USA Timothy West 5
36th USA Steve McNally 5
36th USA Barry Greenstein 5
36th USA Clayton Newman 5
36th USA Josh Arieh 5
36th USA Danny Smith 5
36th USA Kyle Loman 5
36th USA Jonathan Lane 5
36th USA Jesse Alexis Cohen 5
36th USA Michael Michnik 5
36th USA Luke Staudenmaier 5
36th USA John Edward Monnette 5
36th USA Eugene Castro 5
36th USA David Chiu 5
36th USA Stewart Yancik 5
36th USA Kevin Iacofano 5
36th USA Gregory Dyer 5
36th USA Ali Eslami 5
36th USA Emanuel Failla 5
36th HUN Valdemar Kwaysser 5
36th USA Brent Hanks 5
36th USA Mitch Schock 5
36th RUS Mikhail Lakhitov 5
36th USA Jesse Yaginuma 5
93rd ENG Jake Cody 4
93rd BEL Pierre Neuville 4
93rd USA Salman Behbehani 4
93rd USA Jeremy Kottler 4
93rd USA Bryan Devonshire 4
93rd USA Steve Billirakis 4
93rd ENG Richard Ashby 4
93rd USA Carlos Mortensen 4

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