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More than one 'Vanessa Rousso' found in this ranking list:

Vanessa Selbst  298th
Vanessa Rousso  429th
Vanessa Peng  2170th

382nd USA Blair Hinkle 16
382nd SWI Daniel Makowsky 16
382nd AUS Joe Hachem 16
382nd USA Alan Engel 16
382nd USA Robert Lipkin 16
382nd USA Mike Carson 16
382nd USA Justin Conley 16
382nd USA David Daneshgar 16
382nd USA Todd Witteles 16
382nd USA Luke Vrabel 16
382nd USA Brad Libson 16
382nd USA Jeff Norman 16
382nd USA Samuel Stein 16
382nd ENG John Duthie 16
382nd USA John Q Hoang 16
382nd USA Alan Sass 16
382nd USA Jason Newburger 16
382nd CAN Scott Montgomery 16
382nd HUN Richard Toth 16
382nd USA Gavin Griffin 16
382nd SWE Ken Lennaard 16
382nd USA Greg Alston 16
382nd USA Diego Cordovez 16
382nd ENG Bruce Atkinson 16
382nd USA Bob Feduniak 16
382nd USA Stan Goldstein 16
382nd USA Ron Graham 16
382nd USA Dave Crunkleton 16
429th USA Phil Laak 15
429th FRA Michel Abecassis 15
429th USA Anders Taylor 15
429th USA Noah Bronstein 15
429th USA Jonathan Jaffe 15
429th CAN Matt Marafioti 15
429th USA Larry Wright 15
429th USA Kyle Julius 15
429th USA Matt Giannetti 15
429th USA Nicholas Grippo 15
429th NED Steven van Zadelhoff 15
429th USA Jean Gaspard 15
429th CAN Anh Van Nguyen 15
429th ENG Liv Boeree 15
429th USA Matt Berkey 15
429th USA Olivier Busquet 15
429th CAN Robert Cheung 15
429th USA Jesse Alexis Cohen 15
429th USA Dan Smith 15
429th USA Dylan Wilkerson 15
429th ENG Sunny Chattha 15
429th USA Joseph Brandenburg 15
429th ENG John Eames 15
429th USA Isaac Baron 15
429th USA Barbara Enright 15
429th MEX Luis Velador 15
429th USA Paul Lieu 15
429th USA Steve Karp 15
429th USA Joe McGowan 15
429th USA Anthony Gargano 15
429th USA Cody Slaubaugh 15
429th USA Brian Rast 15
429th USA Chad Layne 15
429th USA Bryce Yockey 15
429th USA Markus Gonsalves 15
429th USA Tommy Le 15
429th USA Jesse Yaginuma 15
429th USA Blake Cahail 15
429th USA Stephen O'Dwyer 15
429th USA Ray Dehkharghani 15
429th USA Farzad Rouhani 15
429th USA Morgan Machina 15
429th USA Vanessa Rousso 15
429th USA Josh Brikis 15
429th USA Jason Somerville 15
429th DEN Jack Rosenfeldt 15
429th USA Cliff Pappas 15
429th USA Feming Chan 15
429th USA Clayton Newman 15
429th USA Mori Eskandani 15
429th USA Susie Isaacs 15
429th USA Peter Feldman 15
429th USA Rami Boukai 15
429th USA Allie Prescott 15
429th USA Michael Glasser 15
429th USA Fernando Jacobo 15
429th ITA Marcello Delgrosso 15
429th DEN Jan Sorensen 15
429th USA Alan Boston 15
429th USA Allan Stonum 15
429th WAL Mansour Matloubi 15
429th USA Stu Ungar 15
429th GER Matthias Rohnacher 15
492nd USA Ravi Raghavan 14
492nd CAN Max Greenwood 14
492nd ESP Raul Paez Corral 14
492nd USA James Collopy 14
492nd USA Edward Sabat 14
492nd USA Kevin O'Donnell 14
492nd USA Cliff Josephy 14
492nd USA Randy Lew 14
492nd USA Michael Benvenuti 14

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