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Generated on 18-Apr-2014

This ranking list includes open and invitational events without any restrictions on the buyin. Recurring (regular daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) events are not included.

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Compared to 6 months ago
134,992nd CAN Marie Martin $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd ENG Terry Davies $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd CAN Paul Dober $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd USA Joshua Priestley $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd ESP Palmira Poch Sosa $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd FIN Jesse Nieminen $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd FIN Hakan Ongoren $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd NOR Erling Martinsen $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd Anthony Maglis $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
134,992nd Marc Schmoll $ 2,843 Moved Down (127099th)
135,011th USA Thomas Vonhoene $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th GER Muzaffer Karayilan $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Russell Ross $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Nakia Baker $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th FRA Damien Noire $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th Alexander Sannikov $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th CAN Kirk Read $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th FRA Bellal Belazi $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th FRA Laurent Patroni $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Marina Kolesnitchenko $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th TUR Tarik Sahin $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th ITA Fabrizio Comande $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Gary Chitwood $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th SWE Rickard Pettersson $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Cynthia Taylor $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th BRA Marcel Rodrigues de Santhiago $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th BRA Guilherme de Oliveira Sa $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Jeremy Mcwhorter $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th GRE Harris Papacharalampous $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,011th USA Herry So $ 2,842 Moved Down (127117th)
135,031st ENG Mervyn Steadman $ 2,841 Moved Up$ +813 (147299th)
135,031st USA Christopher Dipierro $ 2,841 New Entry
135,031st ENG Darren Webb $ 2,841 New Entry
135,031st USA Keiko Yoshimine $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st GER Sonke Jahn $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Joe Molter $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Matthew Hart $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st ITA Guiseppe Profeta $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st AUS Andrew Plasencia $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Kenneth Goss $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st ESP Ricardo Colás Martínez $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st CRO Vlatko Caga $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Dennis Bartal $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st ENG Darren Scanlon $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st Helge Payer $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Christophe Bourdon $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Ramon Cancel $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st ENG Hugh Slevin $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st USA Ahup Suri $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st MAR Hassan Benchekroun $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,031st L Cochrane $ 2,841 Moved Down (127140th)
135,052nd Cleb Kovzunov $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CHL Rodolfo Andres Costa Vial $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd VEN Jose Rafael Torcat Quijada $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd BRA Andre Lopez Borges $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd NED Dirk Van Der Meer $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CHL Alberto Agustin Grilli Gatica $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd ITA Morris Bonazza $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CHL Roberto Leonardo Zarate Resk $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CHL Jose Francisco Andres Lopez Valdes $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CHL Fabian Alejandro Chauriye Rabah $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CHL Jorge Lillo Palma $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd USA Sherry Haney $ 2,840 Moved Up$ +462 (137897th)
135,052nd ESP SERGIO MORENO Felipe $ 2,840 New Entry
135,052nd CRC Natan Wager Vainer $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd COL Mauro Ronal Ramirez Cardona $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Belinda Dawson-Robinson $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Kevin Gottlieb $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd ITA Vincenzo Sepe $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Thomas Hopkins $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd AUS Brendan Richards $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd PHI Paul Araneta $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Luke Giovine $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd CHL Hector Marambio Ayala $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd ARG Marcelo Bustamente $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd CAN Doug Kleen $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd ESP Michele Massa Paoplo $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Billy Johnston $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd CAN Robert Meade $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd ITA Marco Barlaam $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Andrew Prater $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Russell Dempster $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd Pam Moore $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Donald Barvil $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Michael Bendner $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd Travis Williams $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Jay Zheng $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Ruben Rajkowsk $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Sonny Flores $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Caesar Mazzeo $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Chris Gerst $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Edward Drapkin $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Morros Rossman $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Steve Jincitano $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Clint Camden $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Rob Currier $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,052nd USA Kellty McCall $ 2,840 Moved Down (127159th)
135,098th NED Frank Smael $ 2,839 Moved Down (127194th)
135,098th Petr Vojtísek $ 2,839 Moved Down (127194th)
135,098th FRA Matheos Dasylva $ 2,839 Moved Down (127194th)

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