Latin American Poker Tour (LAPT) Cashes - Top 2,013

Generated on 02-May-2016

This ranking list does not include results from recurring events (regular daily, weekly or monthly events).

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391st Chile Francisco Javier Rocha Acevevo 1
391st Chile Fernando Javier Cornejo 1
391st Russia Sengeno Valstybes 1
391st Chile Rodrigo Melquades Zambra Bastias 1
391st Argentina Cristóbal Leiva 1
391st Chile Juan Farias Marambio 1
391st Chile Ricardo Andres Matamala Herniquez 1
391st Chile Jorge Rolando Olmos Duran 1
391st Argentina Gustavo Lopez 1
391st Chile Hector Hugo Valenzuela Gonzales 1
391st Brazil Eder Takashi Murata 1
391st Lithuania Andrius Bielskis 1
391st Brazil Felipe Baraky Tavares 1
391st Brazil Roberly Felicio 1
391st Mexico Bryan Oliver 1
391st Brazil Lucas Tabarin 1
391st Brazil Antonio Carlos Costa Vilarins 1
391st Argentina Sergio Herrera 1
391st Chile Rodrigo Andres Chaves Moya 1
391st Brazil Pedro Cavichiolo Grochocki 1
391st Chile Tomás Ignacio Molina De La Maza 1
391st Brazil Luiz Eduardo Rios 1
391st Chile Rodrigo Maclean 1
391st Chile Alex Vega 1
391st Canada Dan Denghel 1
391st Argentina Diego Vizcay 1
391st Argentina Jorge Luis Teodoulou 1
391st Argentina Oscar Daniel Riera 1
391st Chile Andrés Lucas Achelat Gudmani 1
391st Chile Rodrigo Pedro Rishmague Buzzo 1
391st Chile Sebastian Felipe Ruiz Figueroa 1
391st Argentina Carlos Schmidt 1
391st Chile Manuel AlejandroUrrejola Capurro 1
391st Chile Alfredo Arnold Torres Arias 1
391st Brazil Rodrigo Requiao Strong 1
391st Canada David Bokor 1
391st Canada Justin Oliver 1
391st United States Daniel Stern 1
391st Canada Peter Jetten 1
391st England Pierre Neuville 1
391st Canada Joshua Trott 1
391st England Asif Warris 1
391st Finland Emil Patel 1
391st Canada Lucas Greenwood 1
391st United States Kevin Eyster 1
391st United States Nick Maimone 1
391st Portugal Michele Dattani 1
391st Canada Jiachen Gong 1
391st United States Kevin Andriamahefa 1
391st Bahamas Shayne Johnson 1
391st United States Andrew Spears 1
391st United States Bruce Robert Yamron 1
391st United States Lawrence Greenberg 1
391st Germany Ismael Bojang 1
391st United States John Andress 1
391st Bulgaria Boris Kolev 1
391st Sweden Anton Wigg 1
391st Portugal Luis Medina 1
391st Spain Ana Laura Marquez Esteban 1
391st United States Matt Waxman 1
391st Canada Bradley Stebeleski 1
391st Greece Dimtri Farmkoulis 1
391st Canada Thomas Taylor 1
391st United States Darren Elias 1
391st United States Jake Schwartz 1
391st United States Keven Stammen 1
391st United States Tyler Cornell 1
391st Germany Jonas Lauck 1
391st United States Carlos Chadha 1
391st Canada Raymond Siu 1
391st Canada Omri Moga 1
391st United States Matthew Wantman 1
391st United States Chad Eveslage 1
391st Argentina Lucas Fluk 1
391st Canada Blair Macpherson 1
391st Argentina Diego Dubcovsky 1
391st Canada Nenad Medic 1
391st Argentina Humberto Ferreira 1
391st United States Harut Arutyunyan 1
391st Canada Cindy Kerslake 1
391st Canada Will Molson 1
391st Canada Robert Kostesky 1
391st United States Michael Mizrachi 1
391st Latvia Mihails Morozovs 1
391st United States Adam Benowitz 1
391st Canada Yann Dion 1
391st United States Sean Delano Loring 1
391st Greece Georgios Kapalas 1
391st France Guillaume Darcourt 1
391st United States Joe Kuether 1
391st England Chris Moorman 1
391st Spain Pablo Gordillo Caballero 1
391st United States Benjamin Zamani 1
391st United States Michael Telker 1
391st United States Larry Jaffee 1
391st Germany Knut Karnapp 1
391st United States Tyler Reiman 1
391st Canada Alex Difelice 1
391st Argentina Maximiliano Gordillo 1
391st United States Michael Esposito 1

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